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23 September 2014
5:50 AM

Dah lama tak update blog. Sebab aku malas. Tak ada reason lain pun. Sampai la satu hari this one guy bagitahu dia stalk lagi blog aku. So tergerak hati nak buka blog aku yang tah apa apa ni. Bila baca balik post lama rasa macam baca bullshit. Okbye.

10 December 2013
8:50 AM

Hellloooooooooooooo! pfttt lama gila tak update blog. Well, aku tadak mood nak update blog dalam BI. Dah habis dah mission aku untuk upgrade BI aku  lol 

Now dah bulan 12, 11/12/2013. What a nice date right? And aku pun dah cuti sekolah. 12 tahun aku stuck dengan peraturan sekolah and now I'm freeeeeeeeeee! Penat kau tahu dengan belajar and mengadap buku ni. So sekarang masa aku mengadap tv and lappy sebelum aku mengadap muka husband. Just kidding. 

Life is getting better right now, I guess. Never mind, dah malas aku nak ambil tahu pasal orang lain selain diri sendiri. So I'm gonna live my life to the fullest. So, bye.

15 October 2013
8:27 AM


Hello creatures. It has been awhile since the last time I update my blog. Let me just straight to the point.

Today, which is 15/10/2012, me with my guy best friend, Dhamiri went to Alor Setar to watched a movie! I'm soo thrilled because I really want to spend my time with him. You know, it is hard for me to meet him pftt

I went to his house around 2:30pm because we actually planned to watch Insidious Chapter 2. But I guess we don't have luck today. Only one seat left for us at MBO Alor Setar Mall. I'm really upset because I want to watch this movie soo badly hmm Then we have to change our planned. We decided to watch Escape Plan which is super duper awesome! The movie starts at 5:40pm. Out of sudden, my stomach can't stop singing so we have to eat something. Just because at Alor Setar Mall doesn't has something special to eat, so we went to Tesco Mergong to have our lunch. 

After we ate and perform our Asar prayers, we went back to Alor Setar Mall. The movie was about to start. And I swear, that movie was awesome and stupendous. Then the movie end at 7:20pm. We went to perform our Magrib prayers and he drove back to Perlis. As usual, my stomach make another stupid song. So we have to eat for dinner. He suggested to eat at Blackwood. So I just agreed with him. We had dinner together and talked about our problems. I trust him the most so I don't have to worry about my secrets. I safely arrived at home 10:30pm. 

Thank you for everything. I had the most stupendous day with you buddy! I hope we can hang out together again like this. Love yaa!