Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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22 December 2010
3:20 AM

fuhh !
lega lah, ujian moto da lepas
kerja kat UITM un da lepas
Alhamdullilah,lega suda (:
skunk farah nk g ke tajuk utamanya

instruction : Once you're tagged , answer all the questions honestly , No lying or Cheat-ing okayy ? :)

Starting time : 7.24pm
Name : Farah Hanie
Brother(S) : xda (:
Eye Colour : hitam legam :P
Shoe Size : 7 (saiz gergasi,haha)
Hair : black
Piercings : dok,sakit auww
What are you wearing right now : pijamas,coz bwu suda mandi maa (:
Where do you live : bintong, kangar, perlis
Favourite number : 13,coz bila disambung kn 1 dan 3, jadi huruf B,huruf B nama mak saia, BIBI
Favourite drink : limau ais, ice blended
Favourite Breakfast : nasi lemak, roti canai

Have You Ever :

Broken a bone : penah, waktu umur 6 tahun,smpai sekarang bengkok lagi (:
Been in a police car : never !
Fallen for a friend : yes, time skul rendah n skul menengah
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : haha,komfem la
Swam in the ocean : wee~ dalam mimpi :P
Fallen asleep in school : often,smpai x larat nk kna berleter
Broken someone's heart ; OFTEN
Cried when someone died : yes,bodoh la spa x nangis
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : never,cam org bodoh ja
Save e-mails : jarang lah (:
Been cheated on : macam2,x to nk ckp

What :

Your room like : bed, mirror, cupboard, chair, round table,mcm2 lagi la (:
What is right beside youu : chair
What is the last thing you ate : kopok MIMI

Who :

Who did you last yell at : ma sister :P
Who was the last person you dance with : sowang2 =.="
Who last made you smile : ma little sis,Felia,sbb dea langgar dinding umah,haha

Final Question :

What are you listening to right now : Teenage Dream, Katty Perry
What did you do todayyy : re-test ujian moto, g UITM arau
Are you the oldest : nop,im the second one
Indoors or outdoors : i preffer indoor

Todayy You Did :

Talk to someone you like : mecej ja :P
Kiss anyone : my mummy,hoho
Sing : always,i like singing (:
Talk to an ex : never talk to my ex sbb xpnah da ex, :P
Miss Someone : yes,always miss them :(
Eat : bwu lima belas minit td

Last Person Whooo :

You talked to on the phone : my dad
Made you cry : ma sister
You went to the mall with : ma friends, TATI,REH ,ADAH, MIMI, SHAHIRA (:
Who cheered you up : my family (:

Have You :

Been to Mexico : not yet, i want to go Australia and Korea
Been to USA : i dont want to go there

Randommm :

Have a crush on someone : slalu ,hahah *gatal
What Book are you reading right now : comic jer :P
Best feeling in the world : g holiday nan family
Future kids name : Denise, haha
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : xska lah,japg dea bangun malam2
What under your bed : empty (:
Favourite sport(s) : swimming, badminton
Favourite place : Shangri La Golden Sand Resort
Who do you really hate : gedik, fakers, bitch !
Do you have a job : nop, penganggur terhormat,haha
What time is it now : 7.39pm

with however long it took you to complete this

post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 peoples :)

okay,selesai suda, xlarat nak tag ramai2, anda dialu-alukan untuk amik tag nieyh.
chesse =D