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07 May 2013
9:32 AM


Heyyo people. Long time no see. I'm greeting you from Hogwarts. I already received Hogwarts letter this morning. An owl just sent it to me. And I'm a big liar.

This post actually just want to wish:

Happy anniversary for us!

I know that we have been together just for a month but I hope that we can make our relationship last until the end of my life. I don't want to feel the pain again. I really don't want it to happen in my life again, never. So a big wish for Muhamad Firdaus bin Nordin

Thank you for everything. I just don't know what I have to say actually. I'm really happy to be with you, like seriously. I felt really appreciated. You know that day when we were in the car and suddenly I told that I wanted to check your phone but then out of the blue you said, "Apa pun yang awak minta saya bagi, tapi bukan clash". Actually I'm quite touched. To be with you was something spectacular and stupendous for me. I'm really glad to know you. Another thing that makes me touched when you tweet this.

I hope that you are not gonna leave me even I'm at the worst. You really know how my attitudes, right? People leave me because of my attitudes. I just hope that you are not one of them. I love you Muhamad Firdaus bin Nordin.

Sincerely, your girlfriend,