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17 May 2013
11:58 PM

Hello earthlings. Watchu doing? I hope all of you just doing fine. Okay lemme start the story.

These days there were several people asked me about my skin. Yeah, you would be surprised if I say that I have a skin problem before. Only God knows how terrible my skin before. And of course I also lack of self confident for sure. I'm kinda shy if I want to hang out with my friends in the town. I thought that people staring at my pimples. And I have a very sensitive skin, really sensitive. 

Lemme introduce you to my skin problem solution. 

*make sure you take the right one which is kills acne bacteria and prevent pimples*

I tried so many products before and none of them works on my skin. Until one day, I watched Oxy commercial on television. I tried the mini pack first and Alhamdulillah, it works!

*Tadaaaa, you can see my beautiful face jk*

But for your reminder, it will work if the product suitable with your skin because when my little brother used this product, it doesn't work. But why don't you just give a try? Maybe its gonna work on you! Good luck. Bye, xoxo