Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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10 August 2012
6:09 AM


We can't never get what we want in this life. Even we try for many times, but when it is not mean for us, it can't be ours. It's hard to love and to be love. 

When I'm in form 4, I fall in love with my best friend. It is hard to say it to him, but I brave myself to tell him. And of course my love was been rejected. He said that he already consider me as his best friend, can't be more than that. I wait him until now. It is quite disappointed when I knew that he couple with someone. Seriously, I can't accept it. But now, he broke up with his girlfriend. So I think this is the tight time I have to confess. But for god sake, I don't really brave enough to do that. 

But I have many persons that I have to take care of their heart. I only a girl that have one heart, how could I take care all of them? Only God know what I feel right now, Subhanallah.