Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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20 March 2013
6:00 AM


What's up? Its been a long time since the last time I update my blog. Quite busy with my PBS, school and life.  Tomorrow gonna be our big day, again. Tomorrow, out STPM results for semester 1 will come out. I'm quite scare because I know that I'm not doing my best for the last semester. May Allah ease everything tomorrow, Amin.

We gonna have school holiday next week but as usual, there's no school holiday for us. We have class for 6 days, wtf. I thought I'm gonna have some peace in this school holiday, but I was wrong. I hate it very much. 

My relationship with him right now, Alhamdulillah so far so good. Even I'm not really 'in relationship' but you know, we kinda more like couple, but we wasn't. We don't want any relationship this year, we gonna focus on our STPM. SO we have to trust each other. I won't leave him unless he's the one who left me. Insya Allah everything gonna be fine.