Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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02 March 2013
11:38 PM

Hello people. How about your weekend? I guess your weekend just like me, boring. Today I just make a song cover. I want to upload in my blog, but the video was too big *sigh*

Do you have a trust issues? If you do, then we can be friend. You totally know what I feel about this. Even they said the truth, but it still hard for us to trust, aite? Actually I don't know what to do with this problem. When I tried to trust them, they broke my trust toward them. I tried to be a positive thinking person, but I failed. I always think they don't tell me the truth.

Besides, I just want to tell you about my opinion with these people. I'm pretty sure all of us, Muslim, knew that we can't like someone picture in Facebook, Instagram or etc that didn't cover their aurat. If we like their photos, its mean that we encourage them to upload more photos that didn't cover their aurat. I'm quite disappointed with them especially boys. Sorry not sorry. Thanks.