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30 March 2013
9:26 PM

Hey sunshine! School holidays already at the end. Even people called 'school holiday' but for students, we never called school holiday. Its still same like school days. Pity on us. Never mind, I don't want to spoil my mood to write about what happen in this 'school holiday'. Ohh before that, don't read this if you feel annoy. Thank you.

Before I proceed my story, lemme introduce you to this silly boy. His name is Muhamad Firdaus bin Nordin (Ding). Same age with me, 19. Annoying, silly, lunatic, dashing, got a pair of sexy eyes and enough with this compliments. 

Actually I have a crush on him since our first semester. But of course I didn't have any intention to get him or flirt with him. I just had a crush on him, that's all. Until one night, which is our form 6 dinner in Hotel Putra Palace, something makes me felt weird about him. We never talk to each other for a whole semester. then Wan Rasfan (Wanpan) told me that Ding wanted to take a picture with me, which is super duper weird for me. That's the first time I talked to him. And the second time was at the parking lot. That's it.

Both of us really shy at this moment

Then the first semester already end. I still remember the date when we start contact. On 15/1/2013, Wanpan texts me and said that Ding sent his regards to me. And I swear at that moment, I kept on smiling and I felt like a billion of people threw flowers to me. Since I had a crush on him, I take this opportunity. I asked Wanpan to send my regard back at him. The next day, everything became aca-awkward. I felt really shy to face him at school. At night, on  16/1/2013 we start message through Facebook. Then day by day, from Facebook to Whatsapp and now through texts. 

Now we go to our first date. Actually its not a date, its more to his birthday celebration. 24/1/2013. We went to Pizza Hut and Tasoh. To be honest, its quite boring for the first time you know. Both of us don't have actual feeling for each other. I mean, come on, we just know for a few days. So it is impossible for us to fall in love right? 

We text everyday. I never felt bored honestly. Everyday I just want to ask him, did he already eat, take a bath, do his homework and etc. And it become my habits right now. He's being nice with me and for God sake, he really a romantic guy. If I get mad, I only take an hour to sulk with him. 

After a long time we never go out together, last Thursday, 28/3/2013 we planed to date. In honour of my driving license, I take this chance to drive. He kept laughing at me because I'm shaking to the max. I felt nervous like hell. Everything turns into chaos. At last, he told me he wanted to drive because he didn't trust me at all. He felt insecure with me, so do I. I also felt insecure every time I'm driving. We had our lunch together and absolutely he looked dashing and handsome with his white Levi's shirt. I kept on smiling every time I saw him. My stomach fulled with butterflies. 

Even we are not in relationship, but I already fall in love with him. I asked him before, "Why you don't want to couple?" Then he answered, "Why do we have to couple? I want to get married. Its not necessary for us to couple. Just get married." I just end my conversation right there.

The best thing about us is both of us love Manchester United! 

That's all for today. Annoyed much? That's my point writing all this stuffs. Bye.