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I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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04 April 2013
8:39 AM


Hello people. Its already 11:15 pm and I'm just finish my PBS for Pengajian Am. Now you can see how happy I am when I already done doing my stupid PBS. 

Last day, 3/4/2013 we went out again for the third time. After finish our school sessions, we went to KFC and had lunch together. I felt really ugly because I got a big pretty pimple under my mouth. Such a shame. I kept on covering my mouth. I just love to see him wearing his corporate shirt. Gosh he looks dashing. Especially when he wore his spectacles. He kept on looking at my pimple and then burst into laugh. But he said I'm pretty even I got a big pimple under my mouth *cover my face with pillow*

Today, 4/4/2013 he asked me to grab a lunch with him again. I really love to spend my time with him. We always have an issues to talk about even it is something that really nonsense. We went to Kangar to grab our lunch. I don't have much time to talk with him because it is already late. We got to go back at school. He sent me back to school and that's it.  2 days with him, what a stupendous day.