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08 April 2013
6:11 AM


Last Saturday which is on 6/4/2013, we went out for a real date. I mean that we were not in school uniform. As usual, after I get in the car, he asked me where to go or what we gonna eat. Its a common questions. 

I just really want to eat Pizza so I decided that we gonna have Pizza for our lunch at Tasoh. When we arrived at Tasoh, there were many people at there having a Family Day. Its kinda aca-awkward for us to date. We tried to pick a place that far away from them but absolutely there were several couples also at there. 

We eat, laugh, smiling like an idiot and etc. We having our good times at there. I just love his smells. Even he don't put too much perfume but he still smell nice. And trust me, I really don't want to go back home. If I can spend my day with him, I would love too. I just hope that we can spend our time together again after this. Much love, xoxo