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I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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17 June 2013
8:38 AM


Hello people. 

I'm not feeling well tonight. I'm not referring to my body, but my heart. Yup, a broken heart. Well, people love to break my heart, like seriously, they really do like it. 

Do you ever know, that feeling when people ignored you while you always cared about them like hell? I mean when you said you sick, sad or else but they never cared about it. It's painful, isn't it? When you put so much effort on them but they just treat you like nobody. 

I used to talk in front of the mirror and start crying. Yes, I do. It sound stupid but it's always work on me. Now it's became my habits. Every night I cried before I off to bed. I know, I'm not a independent girl. I always hope that people who I always cared about them will care about me too. But I was wrong. They never cared actually. 

It's easy for me to love someone but it's hard for me to make someone fall in love with me because they still stuck in their past. You know exactly how it feel. Pathetic. Even we said "I love you" for a thousand times, but it never works. When I love someone, I really do love them. But they see me as an object and play with my heart. 

I have nobody to talk with. I'm just scared that if I told my bff they will feel annoyed with me. That's why I keep on silent and start writing. I really don't know how to express my feeling. People absolutely will not listen to my story because nobody cares. I miss my boy best friend. Why you are not around when I need you at the most? It's been awhile since the last time we talk. You know everything about me. My past, my life, I mean everything. Hope we can meet again in this Aidilfitri buddy. Bye.