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11 July 2013
10:36 PM

Hey people. We already in July.

Actually, I've got a lot of things to say but I don't have enough time to update anything because I'm super duper extremely lazy. 

Last Friday which is, 5th July 2013, we actually celebrated my birthday and Fifie's birthday! We have been planed about this for a week. And at last, we made it, thanks God. We decided to celebrate our birthday at Bukit Ayer. I never been there in my entire life. Yup, I know it sound pathetic. Enough with the speech, let me entertain you with these pictures.

I know I don't know how to smile pfttt

 This is my deskmates a.k.a my best friend, Yana!

Yana, Fifi, Een, Lyn, Ja, Aci, Wan and me. Actually there were 4 boys who came along with us. Asyraf, Afiq, Wafi and my Pidaus!

Aaaaaaa introducing my Pidaus. We have been dated for several times but we only took photos together for two times. I know we weird. 

That beautiful shawl I got from Ja. Perfect shoes from my parents and pretty purse from my lovely sister. And my favorite Dutch Lady Chocolate from Pidaus Thank you!