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06 August 2013
6:11 AM

 Чσu're Aмαzαyη. | via Facebook

All of us, Muslim will celebrate Aidilfitri in a few days more. I'm pretty sure everyone is thrill about this. But not for me. I know that I have to be happy like everyone else. I think this is the most memorable Aidilfitri for me.

Even you tell me for 72932735638738 times not to remember about this, I still gonna think about this. I have been in this situation before 2 years ago and now here we go. Its just too painful for me. To forget everything like nothing actually happens before. To be honest, I'm not that tough. I cried for the whole day. I just don't know what's going on in my life. It just happen out of sudden. I never expected to be like this. Silly me.

I know if I cried nothing will change. My eyes gonna swallow like a balloon. It's painful when you have to pretend to look happy while actually inside you're dying.