Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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31 August 2013
5:10 AM

Have you ever heard about "moving on'? yeah, I'm pretty sure all of you had heard this words. When my friends asked me to start moving on, they have no idea how much I felt at that time. It's more easy to say than to do it, you know. When you have to pretend that he never exist in your life, all the memories that you have created with him. 

I'm a big fat liar if I tell you I didn't miss him. I really miss him, like seriously. Sometimes this thought crossed in my mind, "Did he still loves me or miss my presence? Is he waiting for my texts? Did he found another girl who is better than me?" These things always played on my mind when it comes at night.

I tried to be strong enough around my family and my friends. Even I have plenty best friends, but I'm pretty sure they don't know how much I hurt. I tried to hold on my tears when I met them. But deep down, I really need them.