Farah Hanie Fadzil.
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08 September 2013
4:35 AM

Sleep is my best friend 🍩

One day, I was in my room performing my solat Maghrib. Then suddenly my mom knocked my door and I can't answer my mom called because I was praying at that time. She kept on knocking my door and then I heard my uncle said, "Dia telan ubat tidur apa yang tak menyut (sahut) tu!". Then my mom knocked my door harshly and scream out loud so that maybe I will wake up and open the door. Then I immediately stop my prayer and opened the door. I clearly can see my mom's worried face when I opened the door. 

Am I looked too depressed for you mom? But come to think of it, I think it it a good idea, sleeping pills. Maybe that's the only way to release my tension and forget everything.