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14 September 2013
9:26 AM

hello people.

Last Friday I went to Batu Pahat with my friends as a facilitator. I must say in here that it is quite bored because we don't have to much activities to do at there. We just spent our time with cooking which is I'm not good in cooking stuff.

There were 6 of us but one of us came late. 

The place where we do a lot of activities together.

These two kids were my favorite. They won't stop talking until they were told to do so. We went to kedai runcit to buy some stuff and they were too busy to follow us so we let them in. 

And I'm pretty sure my friends knew about my obsession with baby. 

So this is our second day at Batu Pahat. I know that I look hideous when I smile pfttt

 "Dimana ada camera, disitu ada kami" This is our group members quote. 

My favorite pictures.

And yeahh, my pictures. I look pretty lol. The end.