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30 November 2011
7:09 AM


One day, i'm going to live in Paris.
For entire of my life, I never want anythings else
except for this
Before I died, I must go to Paris.

I want to have a romantic dinner with him :')
Walking on the street with him
Go to the Eiffel Tower
Shopping :D

I know maybe some of you will say

Stop dreaming you will never go there
I dont care, as long as I know what im dreaming about
But for sure, I have to study smart and work hard for it
I want to use my own money to go there
I ever wondering, where I got this dream?


And there's no answer for this :D
It just came to me
And now im crazy for Paris.
Please pray for me so i can fullfill my dream.

Awak nak pergi dengan saya kan? Awak cakap awak nak bawa saya pergi Paris. Awak nak penuhi impian saya kan? Besides nak kahwin dengan awak, impian saya lepas kahwin nak pergi Paris. Saya tahu awak akan bawa saya juga satu hari nanti :')

with love :*

//Broken English maaa :P//

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