Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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25 January 2013
12:45 AM


Its been a long time I didn't update my blog. Quite busy with my own life. Full with activities that I never like to do. My life keeps on changing. I don't even know what happen in my life right now. Confused. I don't even know that I'm happy or suffered inside. Maybe I need a lot of time and space for myself. 

My crush send his regards to me. Its quite surprised for me. I like him. He looks relax and calm every time. Absolutely different from me. But I really don't want to put much hope in this case. I'm not ready to cry just because a boy. Stay calm and live my life. That's the best I can do right now. Put to much hope will make me suffer at the end.