Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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12 January 2013
11:12 AM


Hey there. Whats up? How your school days? I'm really glad to see my friends again. I miss them so much. I spent my day by watching him. He seem really happy right now. I'm happy for you. Watching from here just make my heart hurts. I'm in this situation again. Alone. No one was here when I'm alone. People come and go. That's my life. 

I know that I'm kinda not matured enough at my age. I'm already 19 but still acting like a girl not a woman. I really want to grow up. I want to be matured, be independent. My family also treats me like I'm 15 years old little girl that need help and can't stand on my own two feet. 

You know the reason why people always left me? Because I'm not matured enough. Just that. They always said that I'm not matured and being too childish. What do you expect me to do? Go to the tuition center and learn how to be matured? I'm really sick with these people around me. You can suck it. I'm pretty sure that you happy judging me right? Keep that good work buddies. Because I don't give a shit on it.

When the time comes, I'm surely will get my actual soul mate. He truly gonna understand me and never leave me behind. Allah already planed this. He gave me pain now because He gonna give me happiness at the end of my life. Insya Allah.