Farah Hanie Fadzil.
I never wanna act my age. what's my age again?
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02 February 2013
1:32 AM


Weekend. All I want just a perfect weekend. But unfortunately I got several things to do this weekend. I don't know why I really hate to study, pfttt. I spent my leisure rime with sleeping, watching television, eating and etc. No wonder I gain my weight a lot, I mean it, a lot. 

Life getting harder than before. I have to make a lot of decision. Decision, decision, decision. And I'm gonna make sure I make a right decision this time. 

I spent my day and night text with him. I really like him. He's nice, romantic, really handsome. The best things is he loves me the way I am. Even I do stupid things, he still gonna text me and said that I'm cute that way. I felt really ugly when I wore a spectacle but he compliments me said that I'm look great with spectacle. I'm just really love the way he treats me. 

Note to other girls:
I don't really like when you mention him in Twitter, comment on his status or pictures in Facebook, talk to him, smile at him, stare in his eyes because I easily get jealous. If I get jealous, then yes, I really like you.